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Classic and Vintage UK Motor Shows 2013

So far we have 500 2020 events listed with your dates - which still leaves 700+ events to update!

Thanks to all of you who have already sent us your 2020 show and organiser details, now loaded. If you havent sent your details, please do so either using our web form for large changes, or for simple date and contact detail updates, by e-mail to

Also it is mandatory to provide your website link, or at least a facebook page, so that the public can access your latest event information via the link.

Classic Shows Uk is a small dedicated community of classic car volunteers who created the website, whose purpose is to bring information about classic car shows into a searchable portal, with the objective of disseminating information for the benefit of all classic enthusiasts.

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So far we have 420 events listed with your 2020 dates - which leaves 800+ events still to update into 2020!